The Larson Agency, LLC

The Consultancy of Bobby Larson

Bobby is an avid technologist and open source advocate who likes to spend his spare time building robots and exploring new ideas and technologies.

When Bobby isn't experimenting with life or performance hacks, he can be found playing an instrument or passing time in his kitchen honing his skills as a chef of modernist cuisine.

Bobby is currently available for work.

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The Larson Agency, LLC

Bobby manifests and delivers his services through The Larson Agency. He can currently be hired for the following services:

  • Guest speaker at conferences and events
  • Consult on implementations and best practices
  • Architect solutions to suit business needs
  • Custom build solutions from the ground up

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Some of Bobby's other endeavors include:


Bobby's blog—This is where Bobby discusses his various endeavors, experiments, and views on science and technology.



RobotStudio is a startup focused on building the latest tools and community to support the creation of robotics, artificial intelligence, data science, and the Internet of Things.



Bobby is heavily involved in the community, and has several social profiles, including GitHub, LinkedIn, Google+, and he is the creator behind the "Robot Builders" Google Group.

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